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Having worked extensively in the fashion industry for over eighteen years, the transition into the realms of personal styling seemed a rather natural one to me. I love helping people and I've a keen passion for easy, effortless style. The marriage of the two together means I have carved out a sideline in personal styling working with both men and women who are serious about owning a great wardrobe and reaping the benefits that creates - both personally and professionally.

You may lack confidence with how you look, or feel you don't currently have the time or the knowledge to figure out what works for you and where to buy it from. That's where I come in to help. Each and every step of the way, I will be on hand to help find the clothes you will not only look forward to choosing from each day, but that also help you to look really well put together and feel totally amazing. The end result will be a wardrobe full of beautiful pieces that work across each other so that minimal time and thought is required. Simple, structured, stress-free dressing.

I am also an Associate Stylist with one of the leading personal styling and image consultancies for professional women over thirty-five in the UK.

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